Bundesdruckerei Xecuro

About us

Xecuro GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bundesdruckerei Gruppe GmbH. It was founded in November 2021 to help set up, expand and operate the new digital systems for the Federal Government’s classified communications. The company is expected to grow to around 150 employees by the end of 2024.

Its communication solutions range from infrastructure and encrypted telephony and videoconferencing technology to secure data exchange between authorities and the business where there is an obligation to secrecy. We operate the infrastructure for this, maintain the end devices, and support the connected authorities as a service partner. In order to meet the high protection requirements, security in all processes is our focus from the very beginning.

Piktogramm für Infrastruktur

Infrastructure for classified information communication

Piktogramm für sichere Kommunikation zwischen zwei Personen

High security telephony

Piktogramm für Video

High security videoconferencing

Piktogramm eines Monitors, auf dem ein digitaler Ordner mit Verschlusssachen (VS) Kennung abgebildet ist

Digital processing of classified information

Highly secure communication for public administration

With the new secure system, we are designing and enabling a digital communication solution for the entire federal level. In future, employees of federal administrations will also be able to use the system for communicating with foreign policy partners, with the authorities of the federal states and with the business community, where there is an obligation to secrecy.

Especially in times of geopolitical tensions and crises, tap-proof voice communication and protected data exchange of classified information is essential for Germany’s internal and external security. With our solutions, we fulfil an important social and security policy task and contribute to Germany’s digital sovereignty.

Our mission

Piktogramm einer Rakete

We are young – but not wet behind the ears. We rely on the latest technical standards, a founder spirit, flat hierarchies and agile working styles. Yet at the same time, as a member of the Bundesdruckerei Group with its 250-year history, we offer the security and development opportunities of a large company. We are a company that lives and breathes security and confidentiality, along with a unifying sense of social relevance. This is also reflected in our mission: we make sensitive information secure in order to digitally protect Germany and its partners. To this end, we develop and operate platforms, products and services that reliably guarantee highly secure communications and data exchanges.

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The management

Our locations

Foto des Haupteingangs der Bundesdruckerei-Gruppe


Xecuro has its headquarters in the heart of the capital, Berlin – right next to the headquarters of the Bundesdruckerei Group.

Skyline-Foto des Xecuro-Standortes in Bonn


Xecuro has a second location in Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia. The former capital of the Federal Republic of Germany is home to the majority of our IT professionals.

We are a member of the Bundesdruckerei Group

As a publicly owned Group company, we share the same values as the other members of the Bundesdruckerei Group – and also their social responsibility. We are particularly committed to the interests of the state, citizens and society. That is why we pursue a holistic approach together with all other Group companies in order to harmonise economic, ecological and social interests. We are committed to the highest security and quality standards and follow clear compliance and management guidelines. Find out more about the Bundesdruckerei Group, our social commitment, and our holistic sustainability management.

The companies of the Bundesdruckerei Group offer technologies and services "Made in Germany". Its core competencies include secure identities, secure data and secure IT infrastructures.

As a governmental owned group, the Bundesdruckerei Group is particularly committed to the interests of the state, citizens and society.

The Bundesdruckerei Group preserves the environment and creates a healthy and safe work environment. Find out more about the Bundesdruckerei Group’s integrated environmental management system.

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